Interiors with stories and pre-loved objects are definitely giving your project that one unique look your looking for.

You would really love to have those unique antique or vintage pieces for your project but you don’t have time to find them? Or you don’t know where to start?
We are specialized in understanding your personality, style and finding those particular unique pieces that make your project so personal and unique.


We make your project personal and unique

Through several years of experience in the antique market we have the needed experience to find the right pieces whether it is in quality or in quantity.

We will to take the challenge searching for that unique pearl that complete your home-interior, your restaurant, bar, hotel, photography project, …, you name it! We will become your personal Vintage Shopper. 

Thanks to our degree in Interior architecture and study of colour, professional experiences in the contemporary design industry, interior styling and event styling we are also passionated about giving advice on how to style your interior and exterior. Eighter for your eternal project or an temporary event and project, styling and making it ultra personal, with a story, warm and unique is our everyday thrive.


To make a project unique, we don't only take time to find your treasured vintage pieces, but we also take you on a very personal journey to finding what matches your style and personality. Your experience with Hutta will not only be a shopping experience, but also time traveling experience. You will learn much more about production and craftsmanship in Western Europe.