Iris & Koen

It was thanks to a vintage eroom separator that I met Iris and Koen. They arrived at our garage in Aalbeke (our fist place) and discovered there was much more to Hutta than the room divider.

There was an immediate connection and it was a super nice first chat. They both discovered all our antique globes and lamps and asked me to see if I could help them out for their amazingly beautiful project in Sint Amandsberg. At first I did not really know what kind of project to expect. But when I arrived there, I fell instantly in love with te location the house and the complete project. A beautiful little Gem in Ghent.
What an honour it was to start working with Iris and Koen, both with exquisit taste for interiors and architecture.

The request

Next to many pieces of furniture, we manly worked on lots of their lightning. For the B&B, The summer bar, the professional Kitchen, the house, the patio… Iris and Koen realized a crazy beautiful home, garden and workspace and it was/ is a real honour to have met them and to gain so much trust of them even if they had met me in a teeny tiny Garage. I’m super grateful to have been following this project from start till end and in addition to that to have gained 2 amazing friends with their cute little dog, and cats.