Crafting Unique Concepts: Where Style Meets Story 

Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke concepts that seamlessly intertwine with your story. As creative setting stylists, we stand firm in our belief that style should adapt to the client, not the other way around. 

We live in an era extreme mass production, integrated obsolescence, social media and constant change. We know It became truly impossible to find time to translate your own essence in your style, event, company and interior.

 So people either go find inspiration online, where in the end they’ll be looking for a pre-made style and colour palette that could possibly suit them. Or they would ask an styling or interior creative to make them a fully pre-made interior or event styling and color palette.

But in the end, none of those two solutions are actually really suiting the essence of the client or company. Both of those solutions or actually either pre-set or the one of the stylist and designer.

So turns up that many parties, stylings, weddings, interiors and colour palettes are super similar to others. Because whether it is inspiration on the internet or the help of a designer, it will mostly always follow ongoing “trends”. 

Experience in Uniqueness

As an interior architect and graphic designer I learned a lot about concepts, production, creations and styling. I have a master degree in Interior architecture from “Ecole Supérieur des Arts Visuels La Cambre” and have two specializations. One in Graphic design and the second one in “the analysis and interactions of colour in every use”. 

With years of experience under my belt, I’ve honed the art of designing settings that embody individual narratives. Each concept I create is a reflection of your personality, your journey, and your aspirations. Sometimes people tend to call me a little bit crazy at first, but end up so happy about their unique setting, that nobody else would fit. 



Our know-how

Style Tailored for You and by hand. No pre-set picture moodboard. 

We understand that a cookie-cutter approach doesn’t work when it comes to design. Your style should resonate with your essence. That’s why we meticulously tailor every detail, ensuring that your space or event is an extension of your uniqueness. 

So we will actually always try and use objects that resonate with your story and have been pre-loved (either by your ancestors or other families). Our inspiration will come from music, food, art, theatre, opera, cinema, sports and many other things. 

We don’t believe that doing what everybody else does will make your uniqueness come out. So we mostly work by hand, create sketches, and define a colour palette that suits you best. 

Your Story, Our Expertise

From intimate spaces to grand events, we thrive on the challenge of curating settings that echo your tale. Our philosophy revolves around amplifying your story through design, creating environments where your narrative shines. From technical advice on colour, architectural walk, …

Let us be your partners in creating a setting that’s uniquely you. Together, let’s transform your vision into a tangible, breathtaking reality.




Want to dive in all my previous job experiences? Check out my LinkedIn

Master degree in interior architecture, master degree in technical colour analyse, Graphic designer, Art Director of Brussels Design September, Art Director and manager of Brussels design market, Concept stylist, Export manager, Commercial Agent for Brands like Luceplan/ Emeco/ Gufram/ Alias, Independent Communication specialist, Antique specialist,…


We love to see your smile when the setting could not suit you better than the one we styled.