Giving new life to pre-loved beautiful and local produced products, may be a better way of consuming. We will only look for stuff with lovely stories behind them, well produced with a good Savoir-Faire from West-Europe. 

As an interior architect and graphic designer Delphine learned a lot about production and the evolution of how things are made. It’s sad to see how products have an integrated obsolescence nowadays (they are made to break just after a few years) … so you are obliged to buy it new.

Delphine has a master degree in Interior architecture from “Ecole Supérieur des Arts Visuels La Cambre” and has two specializations. One in Graphic design and the second one in “the analysis and interactions of colour in every use”.

As a real “butterfly” Delphine wanted to discover various activities connected to interior architecture, decoration, design, graphic design, communication… 
Her very first job experience was to become the Art Director and event Manager of Brussels Design September and the Brussels Design Market. After that, She became Export Manager, consultant and Sales Agent for a various range of companies who where related to design, interior and the textile industry such as Deltracon, Objekten Systems, Alias, Luceplan, Emeco, Tachinni…



Our know-how

After these wonderful years of learning and developing knowledge in collaboration with all these beautiful production companies, Delphine felt like it was important to get back to the roots. And to show and learn people that there are so many beautiful existing pieces of furniture and decoration in Europe.

So first of all she launched her pre-loved shop. Having seen a huge range of great “savoir-faire” from Belgian, French and Italian companies, she wanted to give back live to old, and sometimes forgotten beauties made from amazing West-european Savoir-Faire.

Each and every single object or piece of decoration that arrives at Hutta has a story. Whether it is a lifetime story, a History of production or even a funny anecdote. she only looks for special pieces that speak for themselves, stand out in a way that is very unique. And of course, Colour plays a huge part in the selection of Delphine’s pieces.  

And very fast after laughing the shop her pieces became also available for renting. Many companies have rented pieces for their fairs, events and stylings, but also private rentals were starting off Baptisms, weddings and parties.

Horeca & Interior projects

Delphine also specialized in the selection of pieces for Hotels, Restaurants, event locations and interior projects.
She knows where and how to find larger amounts of beautiful vintage furniture, Table Art and decorations.

Colour and interior styling advice

With her specialization in the analyses of Colour at La Cambre, she also started giving advices on interior styling, and decorations to Professional and private interior projects.


To increase the contact and to share the knowledge, Delphine decided to start with workshops about how to make your own lamp, how to decorate your home, colour interactions etc…

And this is the story behind Hutta Objects with stories

Did you see the beautiful image? It has been illustrated by Julie Joseph. Want to know more about it? check our blogpost 




We love to see beautiful craftsmanship getting a second life in every type and style of home and project.