Fashion Shoot Styling with la gamba rossa and Tiny Bogaerts

We put the sparkle in your projects


Unique stylings for unique brand fotoshoots, fashion shoots, family parties, weddings, company events and window cases. From defining the perfect story to the elaboration of unique styling or setting.


Very personal approach for unique interiors such as shops, restaurants, cafés, family homes, bed & breakfasts. Our projects go from global concept development to  color advice to complete restyling.


Their experience


“Working with Delphine of Hutta Objects for the first time now. And wow… this really is more than styling. Delphine brings your story in ways you would never think of yourself. She really took a photo shoot for my business to the next level. A top entrepreneur with a heart for her clients. I am sure we will do many more great collaborations together!”



“We asked Delphine for help organizing our wedding party. We didn’t want a standard party, but really something that told our story.

Delphine took the time to get to know us and asked pointed questions – what did we want, but also what did we absolutely not want. Then she came up with a proposal tailored to our size, according to our story and our wishes. She helped us both with the preparations and the day itself.

Nothing but praise for her approach, original ideas and professionalism. We are very glad we turned to Delphine, because through her help we had a wonderful day! 1000x thanks dear Delphine!!!”


“Place of very great discoveries to buy and especially only objects made in Europe. It’s wonderful and you will feel welcome, not to be missed!”
Unique Stylings

With Hutta we will listen to your personal story, and we will define through your identity and history your very own personal decoration styling and colour palette for your event, fotoshoot, product launch.
Through this unique way of work we will make your setting memorable.

Interior with Personal approach

Taking the challenge searching for that unique pearl and create a styling that completes your home-interior, your restaurant, bar, hotel, photography project, …, you name it! We will become your personal Vintage Shopper and interior advisor.


let's style your story