Events with stories

With Hutta, we will make your parties, events, booth, shooting or Immo-styling personal and unique again.

Thanks to a small showroom and stock we have a rotation of unique decoration pieces that can be rented for a particular period of time.

You are about to design your booth for a special fair but you want to make it super unique and warm? We already helped several companies in styling there events and fair-booths with lighting and decoration.

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Events & Parties

Memorable event

You want to organize a unique dinner with your friends and family and you want to make it super unique and personal, without having to clean it al afterwards? With Hutta we will rent and style your party to make it memorable, unique and exactly to you image.


We work with the amazing florist Coeurgette for a total concept.

First of all we organize a meeting where we define the style of your party or event. With a simple moldboard and styling pictures you’ll be able to pick and select your decoration for your table, or general decoration  and your flowers.

In addition to that we will lead you to the whole party process with food, balloons, tents and eventually other needs.

For your great memories we can suggest you the greatest photographers, kids animations, a photo-booth and much more.

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Immo Styling

Immo Styling

The goal of real estate styling is to present the home in such a way that a potential buyer will fall for your home like a log. 

By applying real estate styling to a home, a buyer can see themselves living in the home faster. Your home will be sold 3 times faster!

We work in collaboration with Kathleen Suys from HuisK.

Hutta will rent the needed furniture and objects for a perfect styling and home setting.